Stress at work can cost you and your employees money

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According to a study done by HERO group on 46,026 workers, those employees whose stress went unmanaged had 46% higher medical costs than those who had a means of managing stress. This study also showed that unmanaged stress was the second leading cause of rising health care costs.

There’s plenty of advice out there for managing stress yet few instantly convert the root cause of the stress until now.

Stress management at work. It’s not about management, it’s about conversion.

Now that science is finally proving the wisdom of the centuries, anything is possible!

If you’re tired of dealing with stress, looking for ways to relieve stress, or ways of coping with stress, why not try leveraging stress to fuel your projects, employees and environments.

 Three innovative steps for converting Stress into Success

1. Presume a mindset that stress is simply energy. Energy isn’t good or bad until we assign meaning to it, or the experience surrounding it. Try this now!

Think of someone or something that causes you stress. Now, rather than focusing on the story you have assigned to this someone or something, say these word, “I assign no meaning to this, I assign no meaning to this, I assign no meaning to this.
Next, click your heals three times. You should no longer be in the same place. Maybe you’re even in Kansas! The point being you should feel some relief because you should have discharged some of the energy around the situation simply by placing your attention on a different story.

2. Take control of the stress. DO this now! Take the emotion that is most present when you focused on the stressor above. Say it’s anxiety, anger or fear. Using your breathe blow that emotion into the palms of your hands to form a softball or tennis ball like shape. After you’ve really breathed out all of that emotion into the ball of choice, feel how hard that ball is. NOW, notice how you feel.

The fear, anger and anxiety is now on the OUTSIDE. Yeah, you’ve regained control. NEXT, depending upon which sport you choose, see yourself with a baseball bat or tennis racquet. NOW go ahead and throw the ball in the air and whack it! Notice what happens to the ball, where does it go, what does it do, does it change shape, does it change color. Continue to whack that ball until you feel like the ball is totally different than when you started. Congratulations, you’ve converted your stress, your fear, anger and anxiety. You should feel so much better. Take a breath!

This stress or energy is now usable in another form. So what do you wish to do with all that extra energy? Go forth and be productive! and have fun! Rinse and repeat as needed.

3. Change Your Language. Rather than saying, “I’m so stressed out”, trying saying, “I’m so successed out”.  Now say it with great enthusiasmThis sends a message to the body that you feel good, and therefore you will begin to behave differently…more productively, more focused, more inspired. Go on, try it now…I’m so successed out, I’m so successed out, I’m successed out! Did you remember to click your heals three times too? Well, I hope you’re feeling better… now go enjoy your work!

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Are You Feeling Emotionally Bloated Lately? Get Relief Fast with Functional Feng Shui

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So, in case you’re wondering what “emotional bloating” is, think about the last time you fixated on a problem and how it consumed your thoughts and influenced your mood.

Here’s a few situations to ponder…your current job satisfaction, financial obligations, and certain familial relationships.  When we allow our problems to consume and overwhelm us, the unpleasant thoughts that arise, flood our bodies with feelings that are difficult to digest. Before you know it, we become emotionally bloated. It’s hard to focus on anything else. We become unproductive, we don’t feel good and sometimes this creates havoc with everyone around us.

Feng shui can be a fast acting antacid in times like these. This “symptom” seems to be very much in the air lately as the tides of change.  All you have to do is to check in on what’s around you and reach for the tips below. You’ll love the instant gratification and empowerment experienced from rearranging your external world! It puts it all right there in front of you!

Relief from Emotional Bloating~Take all six and call me in the morning! Continue reading

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A Happy New Year Now and Always

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As you move into this New Year, remember that the Romans originally dedicated New Year’s Day to Janus, the god of gates, doors, and beginnings for whom the first month of the year (January) is named.

And, as you enter this new gate, remember that this new beginning has an end so that you may choose what matters most along the way.

I wish for you a glorious New Year filled with peace of mind, awareness of being, joy of heart and the fullest experience of now… always.


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Thank Yourself This Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving!

During this week of Thanksgiving, I wanted to be sure to thank you for being a part of my community.

And so, I thought it fitting to explore the meaning of the “turkey” since a large part of my work is helping you explore
and discover the deeper meaning of relationships; to self, others and
your surroundings.

I was fortunate to capture this turkey walking across our lawn and thanked him for his perfect timing as I sat down to write to you.

He sure looks regal in all his plume, right teresa? Quite spectacular. Frankly, I couldn’t get close enough to even tell if he was a he.

In case you’re curious like me,
here’s a link that explains how to tell the difference between a male (tom) and a female (hen).
Either way, I’m praying he or she isn’t going to be on someone’s table this Thursday.

So do you know why the turkey is the chosen dinner entree at Thanksgiving? Continue reading

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The Most Important Question When You’re Feeling Stuck

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Living in such a rich and textural physical world, we can quickly forget the extraordinary information that exists beyond what we can see.

And yet, the information available in the world beyond sight is so replete in completeness that I am in awe of its perfection.

It’s like the “cosmic internet”, offering such profound wisdom on demand.

So when you get stuck in life, no matter where you feel stuck, ask yourself this very important question as it will save you time, money and so much heartache.

Where are YOU withholding energy?

Are you holding a grudge and unwilling to forgive.

Are you holding anger and unwilling to love.

Are you holding fear and doubt and unwilling to try and learn?

Are you holding information and unwilling to teach and share?

Are you holding judgement and unwilling to see from a different perspective?

Energetically speaking, when we withhold energy, we get ourselves stuck.

It’s as though we’re holding a shield to the very bounty in which we’re seeking.

As we put down the shield, and unleash the energy, we become unstuck and natural cycle continues. Money, love, fame, and health for example, can flow again.

Or another way to think about it is the stopper to the faucet. We can lift the stopper to allow the water to flow or we can close the stopper to damn the water. Either way, we’re in control.

So the next time you are stuck, ask yourself, where am I withholding energy in my life?

And then, breathe and JUST LET GO!

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Are Your Halls Haunted?

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This halloween, don’t let unpleasant experiences and feelings from your past, haunt you and prevent you from getting the “treat” you desire.

As you may know, our thoughts are magnetic and our feelings are electric. They have power that can light up our homes or business just like our circuit breakers.

Turning on repeated habitual thinking activates feelings which in turn, become imbued in our surroundings influencing everyone within.

The phrase, the tension is so thick in here, you could cut it with a knife, aptly sums this up.

Or more eloquently put, John Steinbeck writes in,
Travels with Charlie…
An animal resting or passing, leaves crushed grass foot prints perhaps droppings but a human occupying a room for a night, prints his character, his biography, his recent history and sometimes his future plans and hopes.
I further believe that personality seeps into walls and it is slowly released.

So in order to insure that we get the “treat” we want, our desire or dream, we must mindfully power up that treat for a long enough period of time and in such a way we are lit up when we do. Continue reading

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The single key to moving from stressed to success

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So it’s a typical work day, although thankfully, my work day is anything but typical.

I’m working with one of my awesome clients and we’re discussing her concerns over her impending divorce; the financial implications, worries and concerns.

Turning worries and concerns or turning most anything for that matter into a more improved version of what is,
is an area of my expertise.

I don’t do this alone of course. I employ the pertinent streams of consciousness (channels of intuitive, empathic and interpretive guidance) needed for whomever I happen to be so fortunately working.

And what a fantastic walk it is each and every time! tightrope 9bc76f9fc.530x312x1

So in this particular case, my client’s perspective (energetic state or her ‘vibe’) was such that she felt as though she was walking on a tightrope; way up high.
Can you imagine how scary that feels? You’re way up high with no net below; just you, the rope and your balancing rod. The brilliant balancing rod that indicates when you’re leaning too far to one side or the other.
The balancing rod that helps you bravely and masterfully command that unstable rope and safely get to the other side. 

In an experience that causes worry or concern, we can choose to focus on the fact that it’s incredibly scary because there is no perceived net, OR we can choose to focus on our incredible ability to breathe, balance, and believe that WE so got this.

Yes, it’s that simple choice to change perspective that’s the key to moving from stressed to success.

So during that meeting, together, my client with her new perspective and I as her balancing rod, turned her worry and concerns into truth and empowerment and the resulting perspective was this:
she was still on the tightrope, but she was only three feet off the ground!

Here’s to walking your tightrope with grace, courage an empowering perspective and the right balancing rod to help you along the way!

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What is Your Big Why?

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How Our Environments Predict our Futures

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photo credit American Express ad

If a ‘picture’s worth a thousand words’, then can you just imagine what a view into our homes and businesses are worth?

The content of these environments tell the stories of our lives and often are the predictors of our future.

This is precisely why after two years of trying, one recent client received an offer on her townhouse within 24 hours of our working together. A view of her townhouse revealed a telling story behind why it wasn’t selling and once that view was changed to match what she wanted, BAM, instant results!

The very idea that our environments hold an intelligence all their own is a fantastic one to say the least. The very idea that these same environments can be engaged in a way that can solve our problems and insure our success is well, simply sublime.

When we engage with this ‘environmental intelligence’, we can learn so many wonderful things about ourselves and we gain an unconditional support that is worth well… it’s weight in gold!

Want to give it a try? Start here:

Continue reading

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The Benefits of being in Charge versus in Control

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The NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll found that
47 percent of Americans believe the country is less safe now than before the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks on New York and Washington.

That’s more people feeling unsafe than even a year after 9/11 when just 20 percent felt that way. (as reported by the underlined source)

Human nature is such that when we feel threatened, when we feel unsafe, we attempt to control that which surrounds us; the people in our lives, our environments, our  experiences. Beneath this need to control can be fear, anger, a desperate attempt to feel safe which causes errors in our judgement.

Bottom line, we’ve been taught to rely more on the external environment in order to feel safe rather than our own internal resources.

When we are in charge, we are better equipped to handle any external situation. We can choose to respond versus react. Our emotions aren’t driving our experience, those deeper, wiser parts of ourselves are.  In this place of knowing, we are always safe, no matter the external experience.

Here are 10 signs that you are in control and not in charge: Continue reading

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Why organize your energy?

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RHT smallMy tag line at On Your Terms Coaching:
Helping Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs organize and innovate their energy for
greater empowerment, productivity and profit

At times, I’m asked about my tag line and what it means to organize your energy. This is an important component of my work as a Holistic Business Coach because it considers who the person is being at a given point in time. I go into more detail on that in my next post. But if you come closer, I’ll give you a bit of insight now: Many of us unconsciously attempt to get our needs met employing the same strategies we used as children. This is a very interesting way of organizing energy.

Essentially, we’re applying obsolete tactics or patterns of information (energy) to our current experiences expecting to get a different outcome now.

Energy organized in this way encourages the following:
creativity is compromised
greater effort is required
costly mistakes are made
employee infighting ensues
profit margins are reduced and money is often left on the table
employee turnover increases

Just like athletes work out their bodies, maintain the proper diets, and align their energy mentally and emotionally to win the game, we benefit from strategically organizing our energy in the same way.

How we’re feeling from day to day can vary drastically according to many factors: our to do list, what we ate that morning or even the night before, how happy we are in our relationship, even who we sit next to at work.

Organizing our energy means to consciously and strategically employ the parts of ourselves that are going to help us win our game…every day!

Organizing our energy means setting up our game so those early childhood parts can’t hijack the moment, the situation or the entire day leaving us depleted, exhausted, frustrated and unproductive.

Organizing our energy requires stepping up our game and having a great coach who can provide the tools needed to win BIG at the greatest game of all…THE GAME OF LIFE!




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The Father in YOU

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Well a wonderful Father’s Day to all the Dads out there and solo Moms who had to play both roles!

Meet my Dad, Michael Robert Colaneri. He doesn’t remember that he’s a dad because he has Alzheimer’s.

Sadly, throughout a good part of my adult life, my Dad and I had an interesting relationship. Suffice to say, I was mad at him for many years. Having my own child, I’ve done a great deal of work energetically to heal my relationship with my Dad.

Yes, for those of you reading this, you can still change a relationship even if the other person isn’t engaged or is no longer here.

How? First, energetically speaking, there is no “time” so to speak. Everything is occurring now.

And second, as you change your perspective, it alters how you experience the relationship, thereby changing the relationship. So painful experiences from our so called “past” can always be reconciled.

How do I know the work I’ve done with my Dad is effective?

By what I feel when I’m with him, by the ease with which I can “be” with him, and the ease with which I love him.

And, the benefit of this energetic work is not just in my relationship with my Dad. It’s also in the relationship I have with my masculine self, hence the title of this article, the Father in YOU.

So, this Father’s day, as you take the opportunity to acknowledge the masculine, father energy in your life, also take time to acknowledge the masculine energy within you. And perhaps, take the necessary steps to heal that relationship.
As you know, we, as human beings, embody both masculine and feminine energy, regardless of our gender.

You probably know someone, who was raised my just one parent, perhaps you were. You relied on that parent to be both the mother and the father.

So, just because you are a man, doesn’t mean your masculine is balanced and just because you are a woman, doesn’t mean your feminine is balanced.

This concept of duel gender embodiment is not something I ever learned in school nor to my knowledge, is it taught as directly today.

Am I wrong? And yet, it is a vital component to our living a healthy and happy life.

How does this imbalance in the masculine or feminine occur?

There are many factors, such as the following:
  Continue reading

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How Fear is Just the Other Side of Happy

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Happy Memorial Day and Start of Summer!

Well when I think of Memorial Day, I think about bravery. It takes a certain kind of person to give their life in service for others. It takes a fearlessness that many of us may never truly know.

So this Memorial I challenge you to pick one thing that you are afraid of doing and go do it in honor of those brave men and women who so fearlessly served/serve for us.
Speaking of fearless, if you’ve known me for a while, you know that each year I try at least one big thing that forces me to face a fear and be braver.

And in keeping with tradition, this year so far has been no different starting with Trapeze School.

Now this in no way compares to the fear that our brave armed forces face, but it felt big to me.

On a beautiful sunny albeit, windy day last month, my daughter and I, along with friends, ventured to the NYC Pier to experience Trapeze School. An outdoor facility on the roof of Pier 40 situated on the Hudson river with views of the Statue fo Liberty and the Freedom Tower. It was a spectacular setting.

Climbing 25 feet up a ladder to the small platform from which I would swing was nerve racking to say the least. If you recall, last summer I jumped from an 18 foot cliff at the local water park. I think Trapeze School felt scarier. Continue reading

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Bursting the Bubble of Stress in Business and in Life

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“Because of advances in neuroscience, we can begin measuring the effects of the environment at a finer level of detail than we have before,” U.C.S.D.’s Edelstein says. “We can understand the environment better, we can understand our responses better, and we can correlate them to the outcomes. I just get chills when I think about it.”

When you all else fails, consider the climate and mood, the environment of your business. Herein lies the keys to your success. Note: This article was originally printed with the title, “Building Around the Mind”.

Two steps to success:

1. Think of our thoughts and feelings as a bubble of information surrounding us. When we are adversely stressed, that bubble expands to fill the very spaces in which we work and play. Essentially polluting our environments. Day in and day out, the stress builds making everything difficult. We experience more unwanted outcomes. Just like brushing our teeth and washing our hands each day, mindfully clear and clean any negative thoughts or feelings as they arise. Here’s an example, ” I clear and clean this fear around money. I know I have everything I need and more”.  

2. Reinforce the new thought and feeling. Place an object in your immediate environment that instantly reminds you of your blessings. For example, a photo of your family or an award of your achievements. Something that lights you up. This will help keep you on track in moments of relapse!

Before long, you’ll notice there are less and less negative thoughts and feelings arising and when they do, you’ll be fully armed to handle them. Here’s to your inevitable success!


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Clarity and Confidence in Aisle Three

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While food shopping the other day, my favorite pastime…not really, I wondered how awesome it would be if just like buying fruits and veggies we could buy clarity and confidence?

What would that be worth to you? Which would you buy first?

I believe, clarity and confidence are two of the most incredibly valuable, intangible commodities next to love and joy.

With clarity, we let go of the sometimes painful and often prolonged stress of confusion.

With clarity, we gain confidence to take action and achieve our goals.

With clarity and confidence, we feel invigorated and empowered to take on the world.

So why do clarity and confidence seem like rare commodities these days and why do they seem so difficult to own?
Take this large mirror to the left for example. You could easily replace the actual mirror with a new clear mirror that might cost a couple hundred dollars.

Well worth the investment to feel confident that you’d be able to clearly see yourself, right?
No more effort trying to see through the distortion on the mirror, no more frustration.

Or perhaps, you’d rather just purchase a brand new mirror.
So Easy! No problem!

So why can’t it be that easy when it comes to our personal and professional clarity and confidence?
Continue reading

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What do the edges in your environment have to do with your level of success?

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Is Spring really only a few weeks away?

If you’re on the east coast like me, then you know that the abundance of snow and ice has created various natural art forms in the way of icicles, snow mounds and unusual pathways.

All of which are causing us to be more alert and aware, hoping for Spring.

So taking advantage of all that mother nature had showered upon us, I took my daughter and her friends skiing (also because they were out of school for almost a week due to all the snow and I was beginning to loose my mind).

Anyway, my attention was drawn to both the fantastic icicle formations, some as long and sharp as a spear, and the sharp edges of skis as I hoisted certain curious girls from the snow.

Throughout the day, I found myself needing to talk the girls off the ledge of their fear around being able to do certain things, and in doing so, I became acutely aware of the edge of their fear just as much as I was aware of the edges of their skis as they bravely manuvered unexpected moguls (bump on the slope), where there should have been smooth sailing.

I found myself sharing with them some of the simple mindset tools that I use with my clients so that they could continue to take the edge off their fears as they skied the unexpected moguls on the slopes.

It is my hope that they also apply these tools to the unexpected moguls throughout their lives.

And so, this idea of edges is often referenced in a popular feng shui term called poison arrows.

Poison arrows refer to the sharp edges in one’s environment.

If you consider for a moment that the poison arrows in our environment (sharp architectural corners (stress points), sharp furniture corners, sharp design details) can be used as a tool for awareness around the poison arrows of our minds…meaning our toxic, negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.

Because as you already know, when you master these edges, success is inevitable.

Please know that edges, in and of themselves, are not necessarily dangerous. It’s what you do with the edge and how it resonates with you that creates a particular experience.

And, there’s no need to overcomplicate this concept and create more work for yourself.

It’s not about identifying every sharp corner in your home or office. It’s about noticing how you feel as you experience your space, what you’re telling yourself throughout the day and moving from there.

Here’s a place to start. Simply check in on the following:

Continue reading

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LOVE as a new currency

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What if LOVE was the new currency? Imagine that.

Instead of working really, really hard, you’d be paid based on how much you loved that day?
How would that change your experience?

I’m not talking puppy love or infatuation love. I’m talking unconditional love for another.  I’m talking wanting for others as much as you want for yourself. When you are in that place of plenty, you create a new kind of currency. 

So why is it that we so often reject love?  We’d typically never reject money.

Right? Imagine that one of your co workers or family members wants to give you $100 bucks. What are the chances you’d say, “no thanks”?

So what if as we reject love, we also reject the resources we need to experience our dreams. What if as we reject love, we reject the means for money to come into our lives? What if there were no discernment between the two?

Would you choose to love more? Would you at least try to love yourself and others more? Would you try to love your current experience more?

Remember, money doesn’t have arms and legs to walk into our life. Money always comes through our relationship to another.

Here’s to love as your new currency and may you always be blessed in that place of plenty!

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How the Chinese New Year is Meaningful to You

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Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky. ~Rabindranath Tagore

WELCOME to the
Chinese New Year
of the red (fire) monkey!

So, why is this new year important to you?

Having spent decades studying environments and their impact on people and vice versa, I’ve witnessed how incredibly our environments can reflect our blindspots.

As well, when we design with intention and meaning that is aligned with the look and feel of our goals, the reflection accelerates our experience of them.

Add to this deliberate design an understanding of the greater universal design patterns at play and magically,
our success becomes amplified.

In China, this well studied combination of time and space has been used for centuries to build economy for success and well being.

monkey see no evilAnd so, it is from this place of gaining greater awareness and potential that you can benefit from learning how to interpret the red monkey year.

So what’s the meaning behind all this monkey business?

When the monkey presents, it’s the ninth point of a greater twelve point cycle,likened to the timing of dusk, or middle age in this physical world.

A time to reflect on what was in order to gain insight and information for the next phase. So not to repeat the past, but rather reap the rewards and expand upon it.

And when you combine the heavenly energy of red, fire to this monkey year, we get the reflection of an oh so stunning SUNSET!

So, look around you now. Where are the sunsets reflected in your surroundings? Which areas of your surroundings make your heart sing or your stomach sink?

Continue reading

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Color the Success of Your Business

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“Color is the place where our brain and the universe meet.”~Paul Klee

I find it fascinating that from birth we are introduced to the incredible world of color yet color is few and far between in most workplaces. Color is proven to influence our mood. Colors can excite us, stimulate our senses, inspires us and often elicit a specific response depending on the hue.

As a business consultant, I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to explore a diverse range of office spaces and I find myself encouraging the addition of color almost every time.

How fun does this creatively colored staircase look?    Click here now to see some creative and colorful office spaces and notice the success that exists in noting the names of the companies to whom these offices belong. If you are curious about the meaning of certain colors, go here now.

And…if you want to uplift your mood now, take a personality color quiz by clicking here now.

Have fun and add some color to your office and your life when you’re done! Enjoy

Colors are the Smiles of Nature~Leigh Hunt

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Allowing the Push and Pull of Life

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While vacationing last week, my daughter and I went snorkeling in the Atlantic off the Florida Keys.  The captain told us to beware of the jellyfish as they get caught in the cross current.

We looked down into the water before jumping in and sure enough there were some jellyfish just drifting in the water. The waves seemed to just push them to and fro and it appeared as if the jellyfish really had no control. They simple allowed themselves to be moved by the force of the current. 

It made me stop yet again, and marvel at nature and the simplicity of it.

In life, when we get pushed to move in a different direction, most of us, myself included, buck the movement. We resist, which in turn causes more tension, which in turn causes discomfort, unhappiness and frustration to name a few outcomes.

When we can allow, like the jellyfish, less effort is required, we can enjoy the ride so to speak and be receptive to the adventure. An adventure that we signed on for in the first place.

So if you’re feeling confused, frustrated or in any way concerned, try relaxing just a bit, let go and allow the moment, the hour, the day to just move you.

Notice what thoughts bubble up in your head and allow them to either continue flowing in the ocean of your mind or sway with the thought, chose to act on it or to go with it and see where it takes you.

Feel free to post your experiences in the comments below!


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Leaps of Faith to Surmount All Fears

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Well I just couldn’t resist the cliff!

Yep, I did it. Another transition marked by another Leap of Faith off an 18 foot cliff pictured left.

Well the jump did the trick on several levels. It renewed my faith in myself, tested my endurance and shocked the heck out of the six 12 year olds watching from the sidelines!

Now, this may sound crazy and dare devilish to some, but it’s one of the techniques that I use to confront my fears and transform old beliefs that are keeping me stuck. As I like to say, “you need to go deep to go big”, and go deep I did!

What techniques do you use to face your fears, challenge limiting beliefs and experience an extraordinary life?

Try the exercise below. It’s easier than cliff diving!

Basic Limiting Beliefs:

There’s not enough time
I don’t have the time
I don’t know enough
I don’t know how
I don’t have the money
I can’t do that
She’s knows more
He has more

You fill in the blanks….
then change the belief to it’s opposite

I have time

then add some zing

I have all the time in the world

then try it on for size and really feel this in your body

then ground it with a movement and say it out loud

Arms stretched wide open in appreciation, ” I have all the time in the world!”

Feel the difference?

Nice job!


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The Spiritual Meaning of the Wizard of Oz

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The Wizard of Oz’s Bigger Message

Dorothy was actually on her own journey of
self discovery. Cool, huh?

The “bad” witch represented her limiting beliefs; the idea that desiring to have it all is “bad”.
Can you just see the wicked witch on her broomstick saying “I’ll get you my pretty and you’re little dog too!”
Those limiting beliefs will indeed get us!

Dorothy was brave though. She choose to go out there on her own journey as if the answers were outside of herself; in fact, somewhere over the rainbow!

This story is so rich in metaphor I could go on for days, but for today, I’ll keep it brief.

Oz represents all that is possible for her, if she could just love and trust herself enough and release her limiting beliefs so that the universe could deliver her desires.

The tin man, scarecrow and lion represent all that she needs, to easily achieve all that she truly desires: love, mindfulness, courage and the ability to help each other.

The yellow brick road represents the real gold- the signs from her inner guidance, her inner leader who can easily take her where she wants to go… all she needs to do is simply pay attention, stay heart centered, mindfully aware, and in joy.

And of course, the ruby red slippers remind her that the power to go home was there all along.
Her desire to be home, to feel safe and empowered was there all along. It was simply a matter of choosing what to believe.

And I believe, that home is too a state of mind. For when we are whole within ourselves, when we trust and love ourselves, the external war subsides and we find home no matter where we are.

I’d love to hear your metaphors about this awesome story!

Feel free to post your comments and inspiration here because YOU matter!

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The ROI In Your Life

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I got to thinking (which can be dangerous!) if there are only 24 hours in a day and with most of us working an 8 hour day (questionable these days), what is the total number of hours worked in an average lifetime? Bottom line, it’s close to 100,000 hours if you go with an average 44-year career (age 21 through age 65-again questionable).

WOW! 100,000 hours! How do you want to spend those hours? What kind of return on that investment of time are you expecting in your career and in your life? I used to feel trapped in a dead end career that went on far too long because I couldn’t imagine working in my own business. That was until my divine intervention
almost twenty years ago. I wouldn’t trade my leap of faith for anything.  If you’re craving a greater return on the investment in your career, your business or your life, take the first step in believing it’s possible, that you can have more because you are so much more than you realize. Cheers!

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The Art of Nuance and Chinese New Year

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Did you ever learn some new piece of information and later discover a nuance that would significantly alter the meaning of the information? Take today for example.

It’s the Chinese New Year. Yeah!!!

You just scored another chance to launch new goals, reconcile differences and become a better version of yourself.

So “Gong Xi Fa Cai” meaning, may you be prosperous
So let’s use the Chinese New Year as an example of a nuance that might significantly alter the meaning of the year.
Most people will come to know this year as the Chinese New Year of the Sheep or even the Ram.

The nuance here is that technically it’s the New Year of the Goat, but because the colloquial Chinese word is ‘yang’, meaning horned animal, much of the information available will refer to this year as the New Year of the Sheep.

This single nuance plays out significantly with great impact when you consider the differences between the Goat and the Sheep. Continue reading

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The Answers Are Right In Front of Our Face

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Ready to go from stuck to UNSTOPPABLE using what’s right in front of your face?

This video succinctly demonstrates what’s possible when we work together! Enjoy and relax!

Click here now

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Using Relational Healing to Thrive~Benefits and Teachings

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Invent your world. Surround yourself with people, color, sounds, and work that nourish you. ~SARK

We are born into this world through another. We are wholeheartedly connected. We instantly and instinctually begin to use our relationship to others; the people, places and things in our lives to learn, navigate and heal. It’s the process of relational transformation. One of the most natural processes in the world.

And then something happens. Over time, mechanisms are put in place that block our ability to relate whole heartedly, to continue the transformation process.
Instead, we begin to simply, endure.

We forget who we really are. We doubt ourselves and become lost in the roles others want us to play, staying in jobs for the “paycheck” and delaying personal fulfillment.

We protect ourselves through stories from the past, stalling our current progress, and our full creative expression.

We surround ourselves with people and objects that keep us where we’ve been, 
not where we’d like to go, causing resentment to build.

We disengage from our authentic selves, our real purpose and our true desires staying in “safe” relationships, preventing full engagement.

We put great pressure on ourselves to achieve success according to other’s standards avoiding professional fulfillment and greater happiness.

Feeling stressed becomes the norm. Feeling stuck, frustrated and confused overshadow feelings of joy and happiness more of the time. The sense, that “something is missing”, continues for years.

Many people wait until the alarms are going off in their life and their business before taking action.

It doesn’t have to be this way. There is an easier way. That way is through Relational Healing.

Relational healing is an exciting process that elegantly returns us to a whole hearted state of well being, helping us to listen to the whispers along the way, that are there every day…the people, places and things in our lives.

The Relational Transformation Technique™ employs this process of relational healing by teaching us how to relate authentically…genuinely and with authority. It’s a spiritual way to relate, to ignite our human spirit, those around us and the greater world… for now, and for generations.

Here are five key benefits of Relational Healing:
Continue reading

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A View of 2015

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Now that we’re already one month into the new year, I hope you’re NOT settling into the groove of it.

Now that probably sounds odd because one would think that settling into the groove would be positive, and often it is!

This year however, settling into the groove, would be like experiencing groundhog day all year long.

That’s because the climate forecast for this year
has everything to do with INNOVATION.
(to make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products)

My intention here is to help you experience this year of innovation in a profitably and productive manner, rather than the upheaveal and chaos that I experienced in years past.

At the time, I subconsciously choose to ignore the signs, and so innovation was painfully thrust upon me by way of a forced career change, financial stress, health and relational issues.

So, to aid in your successful innovation this year, I’d like to talk with you about a type of innovation process that can efficiently and quite favorably impact your business and your life.

It’s called environmental innovation.
Continue reading

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How To Overcome the Ultimate Fakeout

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Happy Easter and Happy Passover!

This time of year is all about growth and any kind of growth requires some type of transformation in order for real change to occur. No matter in business or in life,
in relationship or in finances, to grow requires the courage to let go of certain habits, conditioning or viewpoints in order to experience a different outcome.

Ah, but that’s not such an easy task for us humans.

Even though mother nature repeatedly shows us how to do this, we can’t seem to become proficient at it.

Think about it. How enjoyable would it be to hear the buds of flowers or trees whining, “I don’t want to let go and open up this year,
it’s too hard, it takes too much effort, I’m tired of doing this”. Would you really want to be outside as much as you are if that were going on?

Probably not, and yet this is often our nature when it comes to most change. So why is it so hard? For one, it’s not typically
something that is taught in school and two, it’s the piece from above; years of attachment to HABIT and CONDITIONING.

And so, chances are, there’s been no real update, tune up or adjustment to our beliefs or the stories that we tell ourselves and those that we’ve been lead to believe.
In turn, this literally leads to the same old actions with the same old responses and the same old outcomes. Here’s one of my favorite examples: Continue reading

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Happy New Year of the Wood Horse

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It’s off to the races today with the Chinese New Year of the Horse!

Gung Hay Fat Choi in other words, may you be prosperous!

Happy, lunar Chinese New Year of the green, wood horse.

A potent time indeed with January’s second new moon occurring last evening. This second new moon is referred to as the black super moon.

Two new moons in one month is highly unusual. Not only that, this occurs again in March~twice in one year… even more unusual.

If you’re a feng shui enthusiast, today through February 4 are ideal times for making your design adjustments and enhancements, and certainly if you  need help in that area, I’m happy to oblige.

So what does all this mean for you? 

Well, that’s a loaded question for sure.

In contemplating what useful information to share around this Chinese New Year, I was reminded of a line from the movie, Smurfs 2, that I watched with my daughter during one of our recent snow days on the East coast.

It’s doesn’t matter where you came from, it’s who you choose to be…now {I added the word “now” because it’s never too late to start again 🙂 }

This statement also holds true for the energy of this year. Or, the energy of any time or experience.

It doesn’t matter what you are; a horse, a pig, a snake or a rabbit. What matters is who you choose to be, now.

But doesn’t the energy of the year influence us?

Continue reading

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How Feng Shui Powerfully Changed My Life and It Will Change Yours Too!

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I was in a very stuck place, successful but nonetheless stuck. After reading an article on feng shui, I went home, moved my bed, and a week later received and unexpected promotion.
This got my attention and the more I implemented feng shui changes, the quicker my goals became a reality. Grab hold of your “stuff” and
listen live today! Simply click here. 
If you’re feeling stuck, needing answers and wanting them fast and proven, here’s an opportunity to access  22 experts offering time tested, precision tools and value driven information that would guarantee your being set for success.
All you need to do is listen and implement…and the best part is today’s call is FREE, along with  plenty of unheard of free and special offers.
Feng Shui Messenger Wealth Summit,
today at 3:00pm EST.
I’m revealing the one thing you need to know that will instantly transform any money situation as well as 
how feng shui radically changed my life and how it can change yours!
Can’t make it? You can still register here and listen to the recording for FREE for the first 48 hours!
With an interesting year ahead, you’ll want to stock up on power tools to help navigate!
This summit offers valuable insight and information from 22 speakers, with free gifts and special offers.
You’re bound to reap rich rewards, peace of mind and inspiration just by listening.
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